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1909_mauser2_right_scope_F 1909_mauser2_right_F 1909_mauser2_left_scope_F 1909_mauser2_left_F

Barreled action 1909 Argentine M98 9.3X62

Features added to this barreled action include:

  1. New bolt handle, with 2-panel checkered knob
  2. Ed LaPour 3-position, side-swing (M-70 style) safety
  3. Original bottom metal reworked, fitted with straddle floorplate & custom-made release lever
  4. Custom-made front barrel-band scope base, soldered in place
  5. Quarter-rib inset into front scope base and soldered in place
  6. Banded sling swivel mount and front sight ramp, both soldered in place
  7. Blackburn trigger with Mauser finger piece

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