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Browning Safari .375 Thunderbolt

Browning Safari actions did not use the traditional M-98 bolt stop box, but had a simpler-to-make system of parts stuck into the side of the action. These parts were removed, the remaining holes welded closed, and a Mauser 98 bolt stop & ejector system installed. The Krieger barrel is chambered for the customer’s wildcat .375 Thunderbolt cartridge (the .300 WSM necked up to .375).

Additionally, this FN-made M98-pattern action features these custom enhancements:

  1. Ed LaPour 3-position, side-swing (M-70 style) safety
  2. Banded rear sight base with additional recoil lug
  3. Short rear tang extension with blind rear action screw socket
  4. Highly styled scope bases cut for Talley rings
  5. 2-panel checkered bolt knob
  6. Sunny Hill ‘drop box’ bottom metal
  7. Blackburn trigger
  8. NECG iron sights

Stock work by Bruce Farman, ACGG

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